Beauty Therapy Uniforms Go Full Circle

Trends will come and trends will go; but they never go away completely. It’s no different for your beauty therapy uniforms. In other words, even though a particular trend is on its way out, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be seeing it again in a few season’s time. Designers have always borrowed ideas from the past to create next season’s must-have look. And even though there are some trends you never expect to see again, after a few years it’ll reappear on the catwalk and begin to make it’s mark on the high street. Leggings and puff ball skirts anyone?

Thankfully this Autumn and Winter has an altogether more sophisticated feel, and it’s all about channeling the understated glamour of the early 1960s. Whether it’s down to Mad Men fever or having a new fashion icon in The White House, we just can’t get enough of the pretty tailoring and lady like separates that are all over the catwalk at the moment. At Stella McCartney it was the Katherine Hepburn inspired wide-leg trousers, while Dior have resurrected their classic two-piece skirt suit as modeled by Marion Cotillard and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

And where fashion leads we all follow. It should come as no surprise that when a trend hits it makes a much bigger impact than just on what people wear. Interiors, branding, advertising and entertainment will all feel the effects. And as a beauty professional or hairdresser you will be expected to be bang up to date with what’s happening on the high street. So with that in mind it makes sense to find beauty therapy uniforms and beauty uniforms that reflect current trends.

The timeless 1960s look is all about the tailoring; simple shapes cut beautifully. And the go-to garment to recreate this look is the simple asymmetrical tunic. Think about the cut – it’s nipped in at the waist, creates a sleek silhouette and has a strong, structured neckline. Team it with flat front trousers or a neat skirt and you’ll instantly have beauty therapy uniforms that capture the glamour, simplicity and chic of this current trend perfectly. The classic beauty uniform colour palette is in effect here. Monochrome will work well – but why not experiment with new shades? A rich burgundy will capture this early 60s vibe, as will camel, orange and chocolate brown. And if wearing a colour head to toe is too bold don’t forget you can always team a strong shade with black trousers or a skirt. And don’t feel you have to follow trends to the letter. This year’s 1960 revival isn’t about pastiche, so there’s plenty of pretty details including ribbon trims, mandarin collars and fastening options to give the look a twist and keep it fresh. So for the most fashionable beauty uniforms around we recommend tipping your hat to the past while keeping your eye on current trends – don’t be afraid to mix old and new; after all it’s what fashion designers have been doing for decades

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